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BAMDAD Foundation

Bridging the cultures and traditions from around the world.

Our Mission

The mission of BAMDAD Foundation is to engage new audiences and to serve as a bridge between cultures and traditions from around the world through the study and dissemination of art, without restriction as to genre or medium, as well as the promotion, production and preservation of human creative expression, encompassing the language, visual, folkloric, media, and performing arts.

Our Programs

  • Talent & Content Program

    The Talent & Content program provides a source of information, support, and guidance for creative writers at all stages of their careers, with focus on cross-cultural communications and translations, and publishes selected content from them. The program also includes workshops, classes and mentoring opportunities, as well as setting up awards to sponsor established and emerging talent.

  • Research & Platform Program

    The Research & Platform program enables academic and technological research in arts and culture, via direct sponsoring of research projects as well as building platforms for crowdsourced projects. Additionally, the program works on building platforms for archival, preservation, exhibition and publication of cultural artifacts and works of art.

BAMDAD Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity nonprofit organization. (EIN: 92-2497402)

Candid Seals of Transparency: Gold

Address: 2108 N St Ste N, Sacramento, CA 95816

+1-341-BAMDAD-2 (341-226-3232)